Shooting VR game for iOS and Android

We are proud to present a shooting game developed for iOS and Android mobile devices. After 10 months of work, the game is fully ready for release. The plot of the game is set in a realistic environment with more or less realistic opponents and very interesting visual effects that offer a special atmosphere in the game.
The advantage in this game are the control options that the player has at his disposal:

  • gyroscope sensor playing
  • wireless game controller such as DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller or similars
  • VR mode with Cardboard VR Glasses

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Flight simulator in real environment

The flight simulator is designed for the PC platform with an emphasis on the physical model of the aircraft that faithfully mimics the flight characteristics of the aircraft. The environment is realistic and is retrieved using an API using a geographic information system for working with maps (ArcGIS) showing realistic terrain relief and textures anywhere in the world. It also supports the display of 3D buildings and other attributes on the terrain. An additional option is to control the weather conditions which can simulate wind, precipitation, visibility, time of day, fog, etc. It is also possible to cause some malfunctions on the aircraft such as faulty landing gear, hydraulic failure, engine failure, etc.

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Augmented reality AR World

The AR world application was developed for iOS and Android mobile devices. The application is primarily intended to display the actual environment based on the geographical location of the observer. This application can also work in offline conditions in areas where there is no signal from your operator, and is therefore suitable for hikers or sports pilots. There are two basic modes of operation: walking and flying..

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Car configurator


This interactive car configurator is made in Unity 3d and offers the high visual quality of the model and the features that every serious configurator must contain. The configurator was developed for the PC platform and stands out with its simplicity and intuitive controls. We have paid a lot of attention to detail and visual quality which makes this configurator attractive. The configurator offers a change of basic colors, interior color, seat color and patterns, selection of rims and other elements. We are able to make a configurator or visualization of industrial design at your request.

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Architectural interactive visualization

This interactive architectural visualization of family house. The visualization contains configurator elements where the user can change some building elements such as wall color, floor patterns, etc. This application was developed for iOS and Android mobile devices and PC platform.

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