We provide work-for-hire development services to create high-quality Unity games and applications across multiple platforms like Mobile(Android & iOS), PC (Windows & Mac OS), Web, AR, and VR.

Unity Game development

Creating games is the main mission of Unity because primarily it is a game engine. Mobile games, video games, launched on any platform are also the point.

Unity App development, 3D visualizations

VR technology spans different fields as medical, game, educational, etc. We can implement any products on VR, because we have got experience in this technology, making a game and educational projects for local organizations. Luma studio has had experience with delivering Unity 3d Game development services with VR/AR platform integration.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Similar technology keeping in step with VR, usually preferable for e-commerce, education, PR and marketing. It can also be an efficient tool for a presentation, but with a more entertaining accent.

Project manager leading the Unity technology

Ivica Milas

Experience: 10+ years

Related specializations: broad experience in the management of small and large projects with fancy mobile UI and high-loaded backend using Agile methodologies: Scrum and Kanban; Anton also leads Unity3D department and involved in VR/AR projects. Successfully completed 20+ projects.

English level: Upper-Intermediate